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A Heavy Heart

Today, since this evening, I’ve been feeling low as in sad, depressed. I was even getting anxiety attacks, but I still couldn’t point out what it was but now I know for sure that it’s getting to me. My brother just got a little gadget he’s been wanting and that is just the reason why this is happening to me. Back a few years I wanted the same thing but my dad told me it was too expensive and that he’d buy me something else and I agreed while my brother got himself a hand held gaming console that was all his. When he wanted this new thing, I told my mom that it would hurt me how he would be getting that thing and not me. But guess what, during my mid term where I had to make a music video I desperately needed a laptop, and I got one and because of this I have no right to object to the simple fact that, I never get something when I want it, I get it when I need it but my brother he just keeps on nagging and gets away with what he wants. I work way harder than him but even after flunking in one subject but nevertheless getting promoted he gets something worth while, something I wished I could have to and I know my mom will blast up if I start nagging. It just hurts how it has always happened to me and my parents fail to see it. I have tears buried inside me and I just don’t want to show them to anyone. It’s not just about wanting something it’s also about how my parents differ because I’m the older one and he’s the little one and I just HATE those people who smile and say “well that’s just how it always is you know the small one gets pampered the most.” BUT WHY! why is it this way, why can’t people realize that it doesn’t make us feel better if 90% of that is the case, why can’t for once realize how we feel and hear us, but then again I shouldn’t say this it’s always the QUITE, UNDERSTANDING AND COMPROMISING ONES THAT HAVE TO SACRIFICE! why us what did we do so wrong  to be treated so differently, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if it’s the older sibling or the little one it’s about those who keep quite and no one bothers to even ask what they want or how they are doing. I knew I had to write it somewhere so nowhere better than my own blog. Anyways that’s it for today i’m done gotta go find myself a place where no one will notice me shed tears*sigh*

Signing Out, Yours Only; Mima



Okay so it’s been a while, well let’s see, I was pretty busy with my university life, finally joined my desired institute. First semester flew by and I just finished the mid terms of my second semester but as the time flew I found the gateway to Eden, through a girl I call Unnie (older sister in Korean) she is only a year older than me but I still consider her as my older sister. When I first met her it was weird I actually planned the entire thing out only because I got a sneak peak at some of her anime doodles and thought to myself God blessed me, I found an anime freak, although I’m more of a K-Pop person but its cool. We soon got talking and got to know each other, during the time when her little critter passed away, just to cheer her up I told her the embarrassing truth of how I plotted to be friends with her. There was a certain time in life when I thought I was too clingy on her only because our ideas met but it was after the day she first invited me that we started hanging out at each others place and look at me now I’m practically part of her family and she of mines, we both were shy and full of secrets when we met but now we’re open books and we click like yin yang.

But it wasn’t just Unnie, she was merely the milestone to Eden, Edenia was discovered when I met Aiko the lovable little girl that I’ll never forget in life and wish her God’s blessing with my whole heart and then her family, her younger sister and her mother. Her younger sister despite  being 2 years younger seems like my older sister and their mom is like my mentor I want to be like her when I grow up, God bless her, she has balanced her career and family in such a perfect way that I never imagined before(MASHALLAH). Beautiful thing is no one in the family suffers through communication gap, finally someone like me; the entire family supports one another and understands each other. I really can’t miss out their dad and uncle who on the first day reminded me of my dad and uncles, it’s the way they talk and everything felt just so familiar and how can I forget the little ‘man cub’ of the family he’s such a sweet heart, and not missing out Ai the beloved Ai we all miss.

My Unnie and her sister guide me with everything specially dancing and vocals so that I can make it in the k-pop auditions. With them I can easily pour out my ideas without even thinking what I’m talking because they’re just like me. So yes this one particular person in my life was my gateway to Eden. I just felt like writing it down to express how thankful I am to God to have them. I’ve made friends of all types all my life but never someone so close that it felt like fate. So yes this blog is a particular dedication to my Edenia i.e.

Unnie= Ayesha Chhapra

Aiko= Aiko Salavatierra my little SNOOKUMS ^___^

Younger Sister= Marium Chhapra

My Mentor= Cheena Chhapra

& The Entire family of the Chhapra’s

I love you guys dearly I hope this truly IS a blessing in disguise and God blesses us to be together in beauty and harmony, you people are the definition of my life’s new beginning!

Signing Out, Yours Only; Mima

‘Writing’ My Passion!

Hi Guys,

So I wanted to update my blog, as you can see from the title from now on I will be putting up my work as well. That is poems, lyrics, stories etc. I hope you like it and enjoy what I write, I’ll be looking forward to your replies ^__^

Signing Out, Yours Only; Mima

I Broke My Record =D (Sorry*)


Sorry, I’ve been away. I had my final preliminaries and then retests plus I got to find out quite late that last Monday was the final day for getting my fine arts work attested. Here I was who did 1 assignment in 3 days and in 4 days I finished 6 assignments plus mounting it in my portfolio. After I went to college on Tuesday cuz’ apparently I missed my van on Monday since I slept at 4 am after doing my work. Anyway at college I gave two retests of Pakistan Studies & Urdu both tough ones, I even revised them which took away much of my time. I was correcting my Geography practical journal late on and honestly my teacher is a sweetheart. When I came to her to ask her for help she first looked at me and then told me to have something to eat and have my face washed and then come to her. Anyways I later excused her to get clearance from every teacher and for that I ran first to my fine arts department got my portfolio attested and then to my English Literature teacher and off to my class teacher. There was lot more that I did and I was so tired and on top of that I switched two vans it was so exhausting to carry a huge portfolio around. When I came home I was crying out of exhaustion and my mom says I was sweating and dirty like a kid back from play hehe. Finally though I’m free =D I broke my record in the past few days cuz’ I worked on the edge lols =P Anyways I am back now and soon I will be continuing with my Criticism on The Arrivals, stay tuned =)

Signing Out, Yours Only; Mima

A Critique For ‘The Arrivals’ (No More)


Today I’m writing a starters post for my criticism that I will be doing on something I’ve longed to do, “The Arrivals”, yes the little DVD which tells us what us Muslims are doing wrong in a some what illogical way, there are quite some things that make me feel like there are two extreme points and no logical balance and I want to criticize and create that balance. So my next posts will be about ‘The Arrivals’, if any one is interested then surely wait for my next blog post. Thank you and stay updated =)

Signing Out, Yours Only; Mima”

Guys sorry but it seems my laziness won’t let me complete my criticism on The Arrivals, do I deleted the posts and instead am trying to do something different.

I Feel Alive !!!


Where should I start, *breaths in* I think the title says a lot, after a long time from frustration, depression and trauma I feel good, real good. I really didn’t think I would be able to get back on my feet but now I am finally on my feet strong again and all healed. This feeling is amazing, I think it helps seeing I got a touch up for my college farewell party, it’s my last year so yeah and I’m making a slide show with pictures of me and my friends and our time in college oh btw my touch up is a new hairstyle and I LOVE IT, makes me feel light and fluffy and like those Asian celebrity girls who look all cute and bubbly with their short hair, they were my inspirations after all hehe well it felt great writing it down. That’s all for now.

Signing Out, Yours Only; Mima

Earthquake & Tsunami In Japan !


I just couldn’t stay away from writing how I feel for what happened in Japan. Me and my family keep watching the news channels and it takes my heart away to see such a thing happen. Every little footage that shows how the water destroyed their homes breaks me inside. I just want to say that we should all pray and I pray too for the people of Japan. I hope God blesses them again for they are good people and I just hope everyone whose lost, finds their loved ones and they can soon have a new home and new lives. I’ll keep praying for them.

Signing Out, Yours Only; Mima